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IS offer Chicken, Women & Chocolate to lure Youth

Blog By Madhu Bhagat

IS offer Chicken, Women & Chocolate to Lure Youth
"IS has much more territory than you can imagine in Iraq, Sham, Libya, Khorasan, Africa, etc. These lands are ruled by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He is the leader of all Muslims in the world. Therefore, it is obligatory to give bayat (oath of allegiance) to him, Abdulla was on audio tape. Abdulla,whose resident is in Kasaragod district, works for ISIS. Not even it, but also brief his motive towards youth is to radicalized youth into Muslim religion. Abdulla time to time glorifies IS name, seemed better than America(most powerful country in the world). To imposingness by the dint of his imitation talks, Abdullah dilatated to allure youth for fabricating them antagonist of their country. “This is just like a country here, just like any other government. We lead a normal life here in Islamic State Khorasan. Everything allowed in sharia is done here and anything not …